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November 22, 2022, 4:57 pm
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Another 29 Fijian workers to leave our shores

Story By: FIJI TV Team

A batch of 29 selected Fijian workers that were farewelled by the Permanent Secretary for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations Osea Cawaru last Friday are expected to leave our shores this week for employment opportunities in Australia.

Cawaru urged these workers to be good ambassadors, follow the law of the country they will be deployed to and exhaust the employment grievance procedure when the need arises.

“I’m here today to remind you of your responsibilities and expected behaviours as Fiji’s representatives. You have gone through the selection process; therefore you are now the brand that Australia gets to see about Fiji.”

“Set clear goals, stay focused and perform your best so that Australian employers could return to Fiji for more job openings,” said PS Employment

“Uphold integrity at all times. Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.”

“A person with integrity behaves ethically and does the right thing, even when no none is looking at you,” he added.

PS Cawaru also reminded these workers on the expectations of the employer, both the Fijian and Australian Governments and especially the expectations of their families back home.