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March 5, 2024, 8:00 am
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Delay in Announcement of FIJI Water Flying Fijians Coach Position

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The Fiji Rugby Football Union Trust Board (FRFUTB) regrets to announce a delay in the finalization of the appointment of the Fiji Water Flying Fijians Head Coach position. Despite the initial anticipation for a prompt announcement, we hope to announce the successful candidate in the coming days.

The hiring process prioritized the recruitment of the highest quality coach for our national team, one who possesses not only the requisite technical knowledge but also a deep cultural understanding of Fiji and a proven track record of success at the international level.

We are pleased to report that the selection process has attracted a field of high-quality applicants, each of whom has undergone a rigorous two-stage interview process followed by a final interview with the Fiji Rugby Board. The caliber of the candidates has made the decision-making process particularly challenging.

It is paramount for any successful candidate to demonstrate not only technical prowess but also a profound understanding of Fijian culture, values, and rugby history. As such, the FRU remains committed to ensuring that the chosen candidate embodies these essential qualities.

While the delay may have caused some uncertainty, we want to assure our stakeholders and supporters that the process is nearing its conclusion..

In light of the delay, the FRU would like to clarify that the decision-making process also involves gaining agreement on the appointment with all Tri-partite stakeholders, including the FRU, Fiji Government, and World Rugby. This collaborative approach is essential to ensure alignment and consensus on this critical appointment.

The FRU appreciates the patience and understanding of all parties involved and reaffirms its commitment to transparency, integrity, and excellence in the selection process.

(Information sourced by: The Fiji Rugby Football Union Trust Board)