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December 3, 2023, 10:35 am
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G77 and China Play Crucial Role in Shaping the Global Stock-take Response – PM Rabuka

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Dubai, 2 Dec, 2023 – Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka delivered a powerful statement at the G77 and China Leaders Summit during COP28, highlighting the crucial role of the group in shaping the response to the Global Stocktake.

Prime Minister Rabuka said as a group representing six of every seven people on earth, ‘G77 and China’ shoulder the responsibility to shape the response to the Global Stocktake.

He reminded leaders that their collective actions must resonate globally, recognizing the diversity and needs of our populations.

“For small island states, this is not just a matter of policy; it is a matter of survival. Our livelihoods are under threat, and the global inequality gap is widening. COP28 must yield commitments that course correct and steer us towards keeping global average temperature rise below 1.5 degrees Celsius,” Prime Minister Rabuka said.

“The only way to achieve the ambitious 1.5-degree target is to ensure our collective Nationally Determined Contributions are aligned with a 1.5-degree pathway. We must commit unequivocally to making this pathway a reality, acknowledging the urgency of our global climate action.

“The science is clear, and so must be our resolve. We must phase out fossil fuels. Our existing energy systems cannot be economically justified when considering the long-term damage we face from climate change. The collective and cumulative costs of delaying this transition are extreme.”

The Prime Minister recounted the recent heavy rainfall in Fiji, emphasising the intensified impacts of disasters in the last decade.

He underscored Fiji’s commitment to strengthening partnerships for the benefit of all citizens and urged firm alignment in objectives, acknowledging the value of difficult decisions.

The central message from Fiji was succinct but significant: “Emissions must peak by 2025. There is no safe pathway or assurance for our collective future without this starting point.”