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June 24, 2024, 7:25 am
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Pacific Recycling Foundation condemns strong action against Argentine recyclers

Felix Chaudhary
Manager News Current Affairs Sports | [email protected]
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The Pacific Recycling Foundation says it strongly condemns the alleged violence and repression inflicted on the Argentine Federation of Cartoneros, Carreros and Recyclers during their peaceful protest earlier this month in Argentina.

PRF founder Amitesh Deo expressed deep shock and concern over the incident.

He said the sole purpose of the peaceful march was to request an urgent response regarding the situation of the importation of recyclable material, which directly affects the recycling sector in Argentina.

“PRF stands in strong solidarity with the International Alliance of Waste Pickers in condemning the brutal police repression inflicted on their members,” said Deo.

“The recycling community in Argentina was simply exercising their right to peaceful protest, advocating for urgent measures to address the critical issues affecting their livelihoods.

“Instead of engaging in constructive dialogue, the authorities chose to respond with violence and repression, reflecting a disturbing disregard for the rights and welfare of hardworking individuals who struggle every day for their livelihood in adverse conditions.”

Deo said what was more shocking and saddening was that the incident happened just weeks after the commemoration of International Workers Day in Argentina, which the PRF team was a part of with representatives from over 50 grassroots recycling organisations.

He urged the Argentine authorities to respect the rights of individuals and groups engaged in recycling, engage in meaningful dialogue, and implement concrete solutions that will protect their livelihoods and rights.