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March 1, 2023, 12:42 pm
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Conservation is a must to secure the future of Fiji; Matuku

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The general consensus for Yasayasa Moala was the total support for the 30×30 initiative which Government intends to implement for six blocks of the ocean in the Lau waters.

After the completion of the 3-day awareness on Wednesday (22/03/23) for the three tikinas namely, Moala, Totoya, and Matuku, the team heard of the need to protect our ocean for the future of our nation.

Chairman of the Bose Tikina Matuku Roko Simeli Niumataiwalu said that the immediate benefit will not be felt by the current generation but the onus is on them to ensure that the future generation is looked after through the implementation of conservation programs.

“The Lau Seascape initiative is for the future of Lau and it is our duty as custodians of our natural resources to support the Government and the works of Conservation International Fiji and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in the implementation of the 30×30 initiative.”

“Our future generation and their survival will depend on our decision today,” he said.

After Yasayasa Moala the awareness and consultation team moved on to Ono I Lau and Vatoa.

The team also includes officials from the Department of Social Welfare and Bank of the South Pacific which has been assisting welfare recipients in the transition from vouchers to bank cards to be used at their island post offices and agencies.

A four men team is also with the team from the Department of Energy conducting inspections and also installed home solar systems for two villages on Matuku, Natokalau, and Raviravi.