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Local Shows on Fiji One


Breakfast at Fiji One premiered in 2014 with Mavis, Taitusi and Gwen. In 2016 it was hosted by Amelia and Sylvester. Mavis & Tai returned in February 2021. Watch it LIVE weekday from 6am to 8am on Fiji One and Fiji TV Stream.


NA I KATALAU, ai sevu ni porakaramu vaka viti me na saravi ena i matai ni vula ko Veveruweri 2021 e na walu na mataka caca me yacova tiko yani e na ciwa na kaloko. Namaka mai e na Fiji One


TOVOLEA MADA is an iTaukei Cooking Show which produces some of the unique local iTaukei delicacies with the use of locally grown ingredients.

International Shows on Fiji One

Australian Ninja Warrior

Every day Australians take a shot at winning the first Aussie Ninja Warrior title. Contestants must complete the grueling and high intensity obstacle course in record time to secure the spot. Sunday’s at 8pm on Fiji One.

Beach Cops S1

From driving offenses to missing persons to drugs, see how Beach Cops respond to the dangerous, tragic and often funny situations that are part of their everyday lives. Sunday’s at 7pm on Fiji One.

Whanau Living

Join Stacey Morrison as she undertakes a journey of discovery and learns how to balance a busy lifestyle with being a mother, wife, radio and TV presenter! Tuesday’s at 7pm on Fiji One