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February 7, 2023, 10:26 am
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185 Police recruits undergoing 3 months training

Fiji One News Team
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One hundred and eighty-five Police recruits including officers from ​N​auru and Tuvalu were reminded ​of the new life that awaits them upon the completion of their 3-month Basic Recruits Training.

The Acting Commissioner of Police Juki Fong Chew while opening the Basic Recruits Course Training for Batch 65 at the Fiji Police Academy in Nasova this morning​ said, the policing profession was one that required​, empathy​ patience, loyalty, dedication​, honesty​ and adaptability.​

“This is a profession that will challenge you, mentally, physically and spiritually. It’s a profession that is constantly evolving, therefore needing you to also change, learn and adapt. Once you have donned the police uniform, your mindset and most importantly your life, should change to one that is geared towards service to others”.

The Acting Commissioner went on to say, “People will look to you for advice even if it’s not a policing matter. Members of the public do not see the rank that sits on our shoulders, they see the uniform”.

“The news of a police officer, whether you’re serving ​serving​ in Fiji, Nauru or Tuvalu, being charged for the very laws they are expected to uphold, will always be a major negative, and ​will tarnish​ the reputation of any police organization”.

Undergoing the BRC are 118 candidates from the open market recruitment, 34 ​former Special Constables and Police constables who had yet to undergo the BRC training, 16 officers from the Nauru Police Force and 10 from the Tuvalu police service. Also recruited were seven candidates for the ​specialized field​ of forensic accounting.

The Acting Commissioner while welcoming the Nauru and Tuvalu recruits reaffirmed the Fiji Police’s commitment towards assisting regional partners consistent with the spirit of the Pacific Community for Law Enforcement Cooperation in strengthening police to police cooperation efforts.

The BRC Training will run for 3 months.