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February 12, 2024, 3:44 pm
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Fiji convenes UN police peacekeeping meet

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Fiji​, this morning became the first​ nation to convene the United Nations Police Peacekeeping Job Specific Training for a single nation.

This was revealed by the International Police Peacekeeping Operations Support Program (IPPOS) representative of the United States Government’s International Law Enforcement Bureau, Glenn Crannage during the opening of the Job Specific Training (ST) workshop at the Eastern Division Headquarters Training room this morning.

“We are here because of the new UN Police training architecture, with job specific training as a centre-piece. This is the first time in the world that this program has been run for a single nation”, he said.

The course is hosted by Fiji Police Force, funded and supported by the U.S. Embassy Suva in collaboration with the Australian Federal Police, with master trainers from Canada, FranceBrazil. T AFP, Samoa Police, Prisons & Corrections Services, Kiribati Police Service, RSIPF, with experienced UN Police trainers from Fiji and Nauru Police Force providing additional support.

The workshop will involve the delivery of the full Job Specific Topics of Mentoring, Monitoring & Advising (MMA), Community Oriented Policing (COP), and Capacity Building & Development (CBD) to Fijian officers to develop their skills, attitudes, and knowledge to competently perform peacekeeping duties whilst representing the Fiji Police in the United Nations Peacekeeping Missions.

While outlining the workshop details, Mr Crannage said, “The expanding asymmetrical threats that we have seen in recent years will continue to challenge the existing mechanisms of police and military, and the way they collaborate in peace operations”.

“Our operating environments will become increasingly technically complex. An array of technological changes and convergence, including the evolution of artificial intelligence, which will include AI being used by transnational criminal organizations will emerge”.

Fiji’s Acting Commissioner of Police Juki Fong Chew acknowledged the US Government’s ongoing support towards Fiji and Pacific law enforcement.

“Law enforcement is often coined as a profession that cannot operate in isolation, and this room captures the spirit of policing, through the sharing of information, knowledge and expertise for a common purpose, in making the world a safer place for all”, he said.

“Fiji is indeed truly grateful to be at the receiving end of this training, and at this juncture, I want to assure our partners that we will be paying it forward. Just as you have all come together to assist in the delivery of this training, we will ensure that our fellow Pacific Islands law enforcement partners will benefit from the sharing of expertise when the need arises”.

Former Military and Police Advisor to Fiji’s Mission to the United Nations, Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Vakadewabuka was also present during the opening, and was acknowledged for supporting the Fiji Police’s vision of being the hub of Police peacekeeping training in the Pacific region during his tenure.