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September 29, 2022, 8:13 am
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Fijian Head of States receives courtesy call from Vanuatu President

Story By: FIJI TV Team

His Excellency, the President, Ratu Wiliame Katonivere received a courtesy call from the President of Vanuatu, His Excellency Nikenike Vurobaravu at the State House yesterday (28/09/22).

The delegation presented an i-Sevusevu to President Katonivere as their token of appreciation for hosting the Vanuatu High Commission in Suva. The tabua (whale’s tooth) presented by the delegation represented the deep historical and cultural ties that have existed for many years between the two countries.

In accepting the i-Sevusevu, President Katonivere acknowledged the strong ties that Fiji has with Vanuatu and the rest of the Pacific Island countries. The rich cultures and traditions that the Pacific possesses, is what diversifies the Pacific from the rest of the world.

President Katonivere also spoke on the fact that climate change is the biggest threat faced in the Pacific and that Fiji will always stand in solidarity with Vanuatu and other Pacific Island countries to continue the fight against climate change.

President Vurobaravu was also acknowledged by President Katonivere for his participation in the recent United Nations General Assembly.

“We share the same resources; the same sea and we also share the same fight. We all have a voice. I know you had just returned from the UNGA meeting and I admired how you chaired one of the sessions. That was something that made the Pacific very proud because we’re a small nation, but our voices have been heard in the UN meeting. I am confident with you in your experience as a diplomat and a leader, and Fiji will always support you in your endeavours. May we take the challenge of fighting climate change to another level,” President Katonivere said.

President Vurobaravu was the former High Commissioner of Vanuatu to Fiji before being elected as the President of Vanuatu early this year.