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March 4, 2024, 2:45 pm
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Prof. Biman Prasad, unveils positive momentum in National Development Plan.

Fiji TV Team
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By Jacinta Lal

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Prof. Biman Prasad, provided a comprehensive update on the ongoing efforts towards the formulation of the National Development Plan.

The minister highlighted the meticulous consultation process that has been underway, involving various government departments, including the President’s Office, Ministries, NGOs, Trade Unions, Political Parties, and the public.

“The process is on plan, on target, and we expect to have the new development plan by the end of June, or at least before the budget.” He said.

When questioned about the ministry’s outreach efforts to inform the public about the development plan, the minister emphasized the extensive advertising campaign across various media channels.

He stated, “Advertisements in daily newspapers, on radio, and on television are already in place. I’ve had a number of interviews with the media, discussing the plan and the ongoing consultation process.”

Furthermore, Prof. Biman Prasad acknowledged the role of public engagement in raising immediate concerns.

“I think a lot of people are using the opportunity to raise short-term issues. It’s not just about the long term—three years, five years, 20 years. We are addressing immediate concerns, and this feedback is valuable for shaping the upcoming budget.” He stated

The response from Minister of Finance Prof. Biman Prasad indicates a positive momentum in the development planning process.

The emphasis on widespread consultation, extensive advertising, and engagement with immediate issues demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity and responsiveness to the needs of the public.