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November 29, 2023, 6:29 am
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Rayalu salutes farmers and encourages Fijians to venture into farming

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Minister for Agriculture and Waterways, Vatimi Rayalu thanked farmers around Fiji for their continued efforts in helping to feed Fiji.

Speaking in Nadi and Sigatoka yesterday, during the handing over of offer letters for assistance for livestock farmers, Rayalu said that farmers play a huge role in fueling Fiji’s economy.

“Without you, we will not have three meals a day on our table and we will not be able to function well in our respective roles,” said Rayalu.

“I urge you all to continue to prosper in all that you do and continue to work with the ministry in growing the agriculture sector in Fiji.”

“Please know that you are the most important people in Fiji because of the roles that you play as farmers. Without you, we will not have our fresh supply of meat and vegetables. We need an agriculture active population and that is why we rely on farmers.”

Rayalu encouraged farmers to spread the word about farming and to help the ministry in boosting production in the agriculture sector.

“We need more young people to engage in farming and of course more women as well. If you do not know where to start with regards to farming, please visit your nearest agriculture station and talk to the staff and they will be able to advise and assist you,” added Rayalu.

A total of 49 farmers in the Western Division received their offer letters yesterday which they will take to tendered hardware companies for supply of their items.

Thousands of farmers had applied for the assistance and only those who met the criteria have been offered an added boost to their farming activities.

Packages offered to farmers today include Goat Fencing kit package, Goat Semi Commercial Shed package, Sheep Fencing kit package, Sheep Semi Commercial shed package, Honey Package for Commercial Beekeepers, Beef-Nutrition Improvement Package, Dairy Improvement of Dairy Shed, Poultry Shed package, Poultry Egg Incubator, Pig Pen package, Pig Farrowing Crate and Animal Waste Management Assistance through the provision of biogas digester.

The ministry programs aim to promote sustainable development through better compliance and standards of best practices that will enhance the environment and support biodiversity.

In turn, this will assist and encourage economic growth and contribute towards the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Since the initiation of the livestock assistance, more than 500 farmers have already upgraded their farms and are still continuing with their livestock farming activities.