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May 15, 2024, 12:58 pm
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Rosie Holidays Fiji lauds SPTE 2024 for attracting trade partners to Fiji

Eparama Warua
Journalist | [email protected]
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Rosie Holidays Fiji, a South Pacific travel company and a local inbound-destination managed company, is the first local travel company to introduce electrical vehicles to their fleet.

At the South Pacific Tourism Exchange 2024, the company advocated for sustainable tourism, also promoting Fiji as a great destination.

Director Business Development Adeline Lee-Erasito says, sustainable tourism is the way forward for the local tourism travel company.

“Its a great opportunity where we have this electric vehicles, and to add on to the marketing headline, that we’re 100 percent solared by the Fiji sun,” Lee-Erasito said.

“We also own and operate two local resorts, Likuliku resort and Malolo Island resort, that not only gives back to the community but also have their own sustainable activities that they participate in”, she added.

She says, the Exchange gives them an opportunity to network with local, regional and international tourism operators.

“We’re just grateful to the South Pacific Tourism Organisation for just providing the platform that allows us the opportunity to meet with international travel trade partners, who if we travel to their countries will be going all over the world, but they’ve given us the platform in bringing the buyers to us, that allow us as sellers to promote our destinations and the different product and services that we offer,” Lee-Erasito said.

Data reveals, that Fiji records the highest number of tourist arrivals, in the past couple of years consecutively, praising the Fiji tourism stakeholders, especially the national airline.

“We’re very fortunate to have our national airline carrier that actually allows that access, not only into Fiji but also with other neighbouring Pacific island countries. I think SPTE is creating that platform that allows the Byers top have the opportunity to learn about the different destinations in our region, the unique selling points, that will entice their clients to come to the countries”, she said.

She says, Fiji offers a unique experience.

“I think, everywhere around the world you have beautiful resorts, beaches, but I think the one selling point, not just for Fiji, but for other Pacific nations is truly the warmth and hospitality of the island people. Its second to none, its like a software that you can’t give up. It is that soft touch, that genuineness, the true richness in culture is what truly makes the island special.” Lee-Erasito said.

Rosie Holidays operates one of Fiji’s largest and modern tourist transportation network with close to 100 vehicles.