In Fiji:

November 24, 2022, 7:52 am
Fiji News


Story By: FIJI TV Team

An $82,000 borehole project that will benefit 73 students with 5 teachers and their households was commissioned yesterday by the Minister for Lands and Mineral Resources, Infrastructure and Meteorological Services, Jone Usamate, at Namata Primary School in Nadroga.

While addressing students, teachers, and school management, Minister Usamate thanked them for their patience.

“The right to safe and clean drinking water in adequate quantities is enshrined under Section 36 of the 2013 Constitution and in achieving this, we have set ourselves a target under Fiji’s 5-year to 20-year National Development Plan for all Fijians to have access to safe and clean drinking water by 2030,” added Minister Usamate.

“From today, you will not only enjoy clean water, but this will improve your livelihood as you now have an improved, reliable and adequate supply of quality water.”

“I am here today, not only to officially commission the borehole project but to hand it over to the school. This means that from today, the school will be responsible for the management and upkeep of the borehole.”

The Minister cautioned the school management to manage their water source and to harvest rainwater when it rains.

“These water sources are to be protected from any possible causes of contamination, must be well maintained and managed well and should not be used as the ultimate water source to solve all water problems.”

“Government has brought clean drinking water to your doorstep - it is your responsibility to ensure that it is put to good use.”

“Every drop of water counts. You will never know the worth of water until it is dry,” the Minister concluded.