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June 22, 2024, 1:28 pm
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Multi-Ethnic Affairs Minister meets with Fijian diaspora community in Niue

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Multi-Ethnic Affairs and Sugar Industry Minister Charan Jeath Singh met with members of the Fijian diaspora community in Niue. 

During his visit, the Minister briefed the community members on the coalition government’s plan for the next two years across various sectors in Fiji.

He updated the members on the current initiative for the government and outlined the future activities for development, offering insights into the upcoming 2024/2025 National Budget. 

Mr Singh glanced at some of the key areas such as the fiscal consolidation program to curb debt accumulation, strengthening infrastructure development and increasing investment in Health, Education and other capital projects.

During the discussion Mr Singh outlined the importance of the sugar industry to Fiji’s economy and the planned activities to enhance the Sugar Industry for its growth and prosperity. 

He also held constructive dialogues on establishing the Ministry of Multi-Ethnic Affairs, and its role to promote social cohesion, cultural diversity and inclusivity.

Toma Siri, a member of the Fijian diaspora community, expressed his gratitude to the Minister on behalf of the community, citing the significance of his historic presence in Niue.

He said the meeting provided an opportunity to voice their concerns and aspirations directly to the Minister and create a promising dialogue bridging cultures and fostering potential collaborations.

Mrs Singhs visit to Niue strengthens the diplomatic and also highlighted the government’s commitment to engaging with diaspora communities elsewhere.