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July 30, 2023, 4:28 pm
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Ni-Vanuatu descendants celebrate Vanuatu 43rd Independence

Fiji One News Team
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Chief Guest Donald Melteres Director Foundation Program Pacific Regional Seminary

Residents of Muanikoso settlement celebrated the 43rd Independence of Vanuatu this morning to, as part of their effort to revitalize their tradition and culture.

The residents are predominately descendants of people from Vanuatu who arrived in Fiji in the early 1930s and settled in the area.

It was an emotional day for the residents of Muanikoso, as they celebrate the independence of the country their forefathers came from.

Chief guest, Father Donald Melteres, Director of Foundation Program at the Pacific Regional Seminary says it is important for the Ni Vanuatu generation to preserve their identity.

The celebration is part of the community’s effort in revitalizing the lost identity. And is urging the Ministry of Multi-Ethnic Affairs to support their community.

With the 7th Melanesian Culture and Arts Festival currently underway in Port Villa Vanuatu, the residents of Muanikoso are hoping that their history can be recognized, and their identity maintained.